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Our Story

We understand what you are going through.

We are committed to providing ethical housing solutions for vulnerable populations, including the homeless, abuse victims, and refugees. We work closely with various boroughs in the UK to address the housing needs of these individuals and ensure they have access to safe and secure accommodation.

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Our approach is rooted in compassion, social responsibility, and a commitment to upholding the dignity and rights of every person.

Our Mission

Our mission at NewGenCareGroup is to make a significant impact on the housing crisis in the UK.

We are dedicated to playing a meaningful role by providing accessible, high-quality homes to all tenant groups.

We also strive to generate strong and sustainable returns for ethically-minded investors who share our vision.

Our Visions

Accessible Homes

We understand the pressing need for accessible housing options in the UK. Our primary focus is on delivering homes that are affordable and cater to the diverse needs of different tenant groups. We aim to remove barriers to housing and create inclusive communities where everyone has the opportunity to secure a safe and comfortable place to call home.

High-Quality Housing

We firmly believe that everyone deserves to live in a high-quality, well-maintained home. Our commitment to providing top-notch housing ensures that all our properties meet or exceed industry standards. We prioritize quality construction, modern amenities, and efficient maintenance practices to create homes that promote well-being and enhance the overall living experience for our tenants.

Ethical Investment Returns

We recognize the importance of attracting ethically-minded investors who share our values and vision. By focusing on delivering strong and sustainable returns, we aim to create a mutually beneficial partnership. We strive to generate attractive financial outcomes while adhering to ethical business practices, fostering long-term trust and partnership with our investors.

Collaborative Approach

Addressing the housing crisis requires a collaborative effort involving various stakeholders. We actively engage with local authorities, housing associations, third sector organizations, and community groups to pool resources, expertise, and insights. By working together, we can maximize our impact and ensure a holistic approach to tackling the housing crisis.

Why Us

We try to be the best at all times.

NewGenCareGroup specialises in providing home care to dependent adults – carefully matching carers to meet the needs of our clients.

We are growing through word of mouth and positive recommendations based on our consistently good service to our clients and carers.

We are registered with CQC (Care Quality Commission) and work closely with Social Services Departments and health professionals.

We know that if our carers are happy and confident in their abilities, they will do an excellent job.

Training is a core part of the carer induction process. We give all new carers an induction training course and every carer comes back for a yearly update. Training in specialist areas is also ongoing throughout their time with us.

We also have a specialist carer support team who are there to offer help, advice and a listening ear to all of our carers should they require it.

We are registered with CQC (Care Quality Commission) and work closely with Social Services Departments and health professionals.